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Personal Care Services

Description - Hands on assistance provided to Medicaid qualified recipients adults or children who due to a physical disability, cognitive impairment, or chronic medical condition are unable to accomplish tasks that they would ordinarily do for themselves if they were not disabled.
Service Description - Assistance with daily living activities (ADL) for up to 80 hours per month by para-professionals in such activities as eating, dressing, bathing, toileting transfers and mobility. Individuals who qualify for these services are not required to meet nursing facility level of care requirements. In addition to ADL assistance home management tasks related to the recipient's ADL deficit may be covered as well. Example: Cleaning bathroom after assisting with a bath or cleaning kitchen after meal preparation.

Level I and II
Home Management

• Assist with bathing
• Assist with dressing
• Assist in Ambulation
• Assist in toileting
• Monitor vital signs • B/P, B/S
• Shaving and skin care • Nail Care
• Mouth/denture care
• Equipment setup
• Assist in feeding and/or cutting food and/or utensil use
• Client laundry
• Basic housekeeping tasks
• Make unoccupied bed
• Prepare simple meals
• Recognize and report changes in health and environment
• Medication reminders
• Shop for groceries, medications and essentials needed by client from verbal or written instructions
• Observe and report symptoms of abuse, neglect and illness to proper professional
• Assist to find and use community resources
• Assist in organizing household routines

VETERANS Homemaker
Home Aide and Respite Service

What can you do?

Assist with personal hygiene (bathing, dressing, toileting), ambulation, meal preparation, socialization/orientation, cutting food/feeding as well as home management tasks.

Who is covered?

  1. Must be a veteran.
  2. Must meet qualifications for VA Homemaker/Home Aide program. There is a waiting list. For more information or to be added to the list, contact your physician or Asheville VA (828) 298-7911.

Respite services are available as well.

Community Alt. Program
for Disabled Adults

CAP/DA In-Home Aide Services

Who is covered?

  1. You must be covered under regular Medicaid.

Getting CAP/DA services

  1. You must first contact the lead agency (See Contact page) in your county. Many times there will be a waiting list. If so, just ask for your name and contact information to be added to that list.
  2. After the approval process, if you are approved, you have the right to choose which Home Care agency provides your in-home aide services you receive as a CAP/DA recipient.

Who can provide CAP/DA or CAP/C services?

  1. The agency must be licensed by DHHS to provide In-Home Aide Services.
  2. Aides must meet competency requirements for the level of services they are required to perform.
  3. Your aide CAN be a spouse, parent, child or sibling if:
    1. must be 18 years of age
    2. meet aide qualifications and
    3. gives up employment or the opportunity for employment in order to provide the service.